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Welcome to our Grocery Card Fundraiser page!
Perhaps the best fundraiser of all time. Everyone buys groceries - Everyone can save money!!!
Why is this perhaps the best fundraiser of all time? Read below.
Front of Card Back of Card
  (includes ordering instructions)
Summary of How the Program Works:
1. Your group sells the card at a special price of $10 each (it usually costs $99.95 for one card). You keep $5 per card or a 50% margin.
2. The Consumer (the person who purchased the card) then goes to and registers his/her card online. This is valid for one year from the registration date or up to $1,000 in coupons, whichever comes first. The Consumer can also order coupons through the mail.
3. Coupons are pre-clipped for convenience.
4. The Consumer can logon to the website at anytime and choose their favorite coupons. This can be done by mail as well. Consumers pay a clipping fee equal to 10% of the face value of the coupon plus $.75 for postage. However, the clipping fee and postage fee, are offset with additional free coupons that you have chosen, to make it a "wash".


The Consumer logs onto the website and selects $30 worth of coupons. The Consumer would then pay $3.00 (10% of face value) plus $.75 for postage for a total of $3.75.

We will then send the Consumer $30 worth of coupons that they have selected plus and additional $3.75 worth of coupons free. This is a savings of $33.75 after just one use. Redeem coupons at your local grocery store that offers double coupons and potentially double your savings.

5. The Consumer can continue to logon to the website (or by mail) and choose their favorite coupons for up to one year or up to $1,000 worth of coupons.

6. The coupons change from week to week. Please visit to view the latest coupons. To see all of the coupons at once, select "(View All Coupons - Be Patient)" in the drop down box at the top right of the web page.
7. Cards can be ordered in lots of 50.
ORDER NOW! - fill out form below.
Grocery Card Order Form  

Directions: Please follow the 4 easy steps below. We will then review the form and email you a secure link to pay for your invoice. We require a 50% deposit. Once paid, your order will ship. If you are issuing a Purchase Order, make sure to check the "Purchase Order" box below. Please fax your Purchase Order to 614-448-3311.

Step 1. Enter quantity you would like to order.
Quantity: Must be ordered in increments of 50.
Step 2. Click this box if you will be paying with a School/Government Purchase Order

Step 3. Fill out your organizational info.

Organization Name: *
Your Name: *
Address: *
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  Step 4. Click on the Submit button when all information is entered.